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The Horizon Education Grant promotes collaboration between educators, parents and students in shared projects and activities. The grant application is designed to support innovative projects that align with the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. Educators have the option to apply for one $500 grant and one multi-educator grant up to $2,000.

The Arras Foundation is committed to empowering our youth to become philanthropists.  Area students will have the opportunity to serve on the Youth Review Committee. The Horizon Education Grant is designed to expand student learning within the framework of a healthy community.

Grant applications are approved by the Youth Review Committee. Students from Lancaster County, Great Falls and Lewisville high schools and USC-Lancaster make up the Horizon Education Grant Youth Review Committee.

Potential grantseekers are requested to complete the following steps:

Step 1


Watch the “Community Indicators” Video.

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Step 2

Identify (2) or more community indicator areas your proposal is intended to strengthen.

Step 3

Describe how your project aligns with the attributes outlined in the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.

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Step 4

Submit a letter or email of support from your principal or dean.

If submitting multi-educator request, documentation is required from each educator involved, outlining their role.

Step 5

Submit a description of parent or student collaboration you’ve used in developing your proposal.

For teachers at the elementary level (4K through 5th grade), collaboration with at least one parent; for teachers at the middle, high and post-secondary level, collaboration with at least one student.

Step 6

Submit a description of project learning activities and expected student outcomes you hope to achieve with your project.

Step 7

Describe the expected impact you hope your project will have on participating students in 3-5 years.

Applications will open Fall 2020.