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Application Process
2019-2020 Grantees

T he Arras Foundation is committed to support educators and their work to create innovative learning opportunities for students. We understand the 2020-2021 school year will look different and require creative ways to teach and learn.

The Horizon Education Grant promotes collaboration between educators, parents and students in shared projects and activities. Educators have the option to apply for two Horizon Education grants during the school year, one $500 grant and one multi-educator grant up to $2,000.

The Youth Review Committee is the body responsible for reviewing and approving all grant applications. This is an opportunity for students to get involved in community activity, explore the world of philanthropy, and aid in innovation within the school system. Students from USC-Lancaster, Lancaster County, Great Falls, and Lewisville High Schools and make up the Horizon Education Grant Youth Review Committee.

Potential grantseekers are requested to complete the following application steps:

Step 1


Watch the “Community Indicators” Video.

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Step 2

Identify (2) or more community indicator areas your proposal is intended to strengthen.

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Step 3

Review the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate and identify one (or more) from the three attributes.

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Step 4

Seek school leadership approval for proposal.

Step 5

Collaborate with a student or parent on your ideas or classroom needs.

For teachers at the elementary level (4K through 5th grade), collaboration with at least one parent; for teachers at the middle, high and post-secondary level, collaboration with at least one student.

Step 6

Complete an application.

Horizon Education application now open.


Horizon Education Grant Resources

Click here to access Horizon Education Grant application templates and resources.

Horizon Education Grant Application Opens September 1, 2020.

Due Dates:

October 1, 2020: Fall Application Cycle Closes

February 1, 2021: Spring Application Closes

 Check out how Van Wyck Elementary School utilized the Horizon Education Grant!


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2019-2020 Grantees

School Project Educator(s)
Andrew Jackson High School Composers Unite Lizzi Elliott, Katy Richert, Shannon Bradberry
Andrew Jackson High School Lifting for a Lifetime Brenton Walters, Tyler Bradley, Scotty Phillips, TJ Armburst
Andrew Jackson High School State Exam Test Preparation Josianne Campbell
AR Rucker Middle School Math Interactive Notebooks…..Digitalized! Casie Cate
Buford Elementary ABii Andrea Ribelin, Trena Thompson, Betsy Vick, Patrick Marsall
Buford Middle School 3, 2, 1…Reporting from the BMS Hive Ann Tillman, Kelly Cauthen, Karen Dingler, Denay Gossman
Heath Springs Elementary School Thriving Not Striving Kendall Blackmon, Anna Taylor, Michelle Mothershed, Mandy Allen
Indian Land Middle School Figure It Out Teresa Petty, Curwood Dillingham, Nancy Gearhart, Susan Lloyd
Lewisville High School DNA: The Real Deal Amanda Freeman, James Salters, Johnnie Catoe
Lewisville High School The Closet Jessica Chastain, Reagan Love
Lewisville High School Art Journaling- Enjoying the Process of
Creativity with Motivational Words
Merideth Hill
Lewisville High School Halftime Weight Room Rusty Pemberton, Josh Beckham, Will Mitchell, Whitney Eubanks
Lewisville High School Professional Camera Movement Pete Stone, Audry Allaman, Katharine Stone, Carol Rachels
North Elementary School Language Beyond Today Ingrid Corpuz, Erin Kirkley, David Warren, Mariam Berks, MaryBeth Williamson, Jane Hudson
North Elementary School Reading with the Senses Deborah Cole, Tessa Cox, Anna Baker, Rebecca Hammond
Southside Early Childhood Center Developing the STEAM Way! JoAn Willis, Meredith Broome (4k), Riketa Williams (Early Head Start)
USC Lancaster College Mentorship Day Kristen Hammond, CoSonja Allen, Angela Blakeney, Ernesta Adams, Elaine Connor
USC Lancaster Study Abroad to Eastern Europe –
Budapest, Hungary; Prague, Czech Republic; Krakow, Poland; and Vienna, Austria
Susan Cruise, Angela Neal, Shana Dry, Antonio Mackey, Nathan Mellichamp
USC Lancaster/Indian Land High School The Chemistry STEAM Team Bettie Obi Johnson & Jill Castiglia (USCL),  Salwa Ghaly & Ellen Lonon (ILHS)
Van Wyck Elementary School Books for Bilinguals April Davis
Van Wyck Elementary School Nature Trail and Outdoor Classroom Amanda Alter, Kristy Bartlett, Jena Dean, Maggie Wilson
Van Wyck Elementary School Readers Become Leaders Samantha Rigby
Van Wyck Elementary School STEAM Care Amy Wamsley
Van Wyck Elementary School Tactile Learners Patti Hyder
Van Wyck Elementary School