Who We Are

Our North Star

We envision the communities we serve as places where all people join together to build on community assets for current and future generations, and where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Tenets

Your local health legacy foundation,

in Lancaster since 1995.

Our Tenets

Our investments are designed to benefit the community’s future.

All of our efforts are in cooperation with others. 

Our small investments are designed to motivate people to believe in and create positive change.

Our large investments focus on initiating longterm, significant change. 


Susan DeVenny
Susan DeVennyPresident & CEO
Katie Ayers
Katie AyersSenior Research Fellow
Brian Canty
Brian CantyFacilities and Operations Manager
Savannah Crosby
Savannah CrosbyCommunity Project Assistant & Furman College Advising Corps Program Director
Cynthia Curtis
Cynthia CurtisCommunity Investment Officer
Emma DeVenny
Emma DeVennyInterim Communications Director & FCAC Asst. Program Director
Robert Folks
Robert FolksAttorney & Trustee Emeritus
Elizabeth Howe
Elizabeth HoweCommunity Investment Officer
Samantha Rinard
Samantha RinardFoundation Coordinator
Hannah Saeger Karnei
Hannah Saeger KarneiStrategic Initiatives Coordinator
Pam Temple
Pam TempleSpecial Projects
Fred Thompson
Fred ThompsonYouth Development Associate


Scarlett Bouder
Scarlett BouderPresident & Co-Founder, Advocacy & Communications Solutions
Larry Coats
Larry CoatsPresident & CEO, ClearView Fiduciary Alliance
Fred Delk
Fred DelkConsultant
Lori McClung
Lori McClungCEO & Co-Founder, Advocacy & Communications Solutions
Heather Mitchell
Heather MitchellArchitect & President, BOUDREAUX
Irene Tyson
Irene TysonMaster Planner, BOUDREAUX

Board of Trustees

Lisa Bridges
Lisa BridgesChair
Richard Band
Richard BandVice Chair
Don Gardner
Don GardnerTreasurer
Ashley Shannon
Ashley ShannonSecretary
Michael Clancy
Michael ClancyTrustee
Bridget Francis
Bridget FrancisTrustee
Vivian Gray
Vivian GrayTrustee
Ernest Jenkins
Ernest JenkinsTrustee
Jodie Plyler
Jodie PlylerTrustee
Roy Still
Roy StillTrustee

Community Advisors

Stephanie Barber
Stephanie Barber

Community Advisor, Grants

Terrance Barr
Terrance Barr

Community Advisor, Grants

Marsha Patterson
Marsha Patterson

Community Advisor, Grants

Jason Truesdale
Jason Truesdale

Community Advisor, Grants

Cody Bowers
Cody Bowers

Community Advisor, Investments

James Hawthorne
James Hawthorne

Community Advisor, Investments

Jana Morrison
Jana Morrison

Community Advisor, Investments

Richard Simpson
Richard Simpson

Community Advisor, Investments

Community Advisors

Stephanie Barber
Stephanie BarberCommunity Advisor, Grants
Terrance Barr
Terrance BarrCommunity Advisor, Grants
Marsha Patterson
Marsha PattersonCommunity Advisor, Grants
Jason Truesdale
Jason TruesdaleCommunity Advisor, Grants
Cody Bowers
Cody BowersCommunity Advisor, Finance
James Hawthorne
James HawthorneCommunity Advisor, Finance
Jana Morrison
Jana MorrisonCommunity Advisor, Finance
Richard Simpson
Richard SimpsonCommunity Advisor, Finance

Key Moments in Our First 25 Years


Foundation Values


We value and prioritize a vibrant community so that all people have an opportunity to thrive and prosper in all dimensions of community health: physical, mental, and social.


We strive to propel partnerships, elevate conversation, spur innovation, and create lasting value with the goal of building a healthy community.


We aim to harness the collective strength, wisdom, and guidance of everyone in our community; we value the natural connections between people and the environment.


We place people and their voices at the center of everything we do; resident voices guide and shape our work.


We weave information, knowledge, and resources to make data-driven and community-informed decisions that consider the past, respect the present, and see the possible.